Welcome to fabritius-Eventtechnik. Your partner for a successful project and a great partnership.
Our fields of expertise are planning, setup, operating, design and maintenance of video related installations.
Since 2011 we performed over 300 different events, from business meetings
over big car presentations to musical installations and festival tours.
fabritius-Eventtechnik is you partner to success for all kind of events all over the world.

My Name is Kilian Fabritius and over the past ten years I’ve worked closely with a wide range of business partners,
including big car and fashion brands, tv and cinema producers, music artists and other event technician companies.

My field of work more in detail is:

Technical Planning
Projection, LED and creative Pixelmappings
Personal, Time and Material Management
Show Visualisation

Operating, Controlling & Automation
Barco - Encore, E2, S3
Analog Way - Ascender
Panasonic - AVHS450
Coolux - Pandorras Box
Dataton - Watchout
Fridie - Universe
Bitfocus - Companion
and others

Technical Setup and Installation
Soft,-Hardedge and Tandemprojektion
LED Screens
Display Walls

Content Design
Grafik- Design
Video- Design
Codec Converting

„Successful Projects Are the Result of Great Partnerships“

Visualisierung: Technik-Beispiele